Spotlight -The Wife

The Wife – Treat Yourself (Wide Screen)

With a ‘chug chug’ and a familiar ring of 80’s alternative pop, this group put forward possibly the greatest excuse for a revival. The band’s biography describes a four piece, since whose formation in early 1997 has defined "a distinctive sound" of classic pop songs. And certainly with reference to Teardrop Explodes, Bunnymen and J&MC as later suggested, their fusion of these influences with the synth sounds of Tubeway Army and early New Order, brings with it if you can imagine, Gary Numan meets The Smiths in an underground disco-tech of retro proportions.

With what I feel could be a momentum in interest in what groups such as these are performing, I hope that The Wife have ripened at just the right time for picking. ‘Live’ you will not be disappointed and with a clutch of national debuts and the release of this single due in the summer of 2000, now is your chance to test the water. For further details contact ‘Widescreen’ on 01926 831358 or e-mail the group at;

Nick James

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