Spotlight -Dizzy Valise

Dizzy Valise (Serene Phonographics)

Can I smell the aroma of finally a Leicester band set to make the scene buzz again? The last was as we all know Showaddywaddy, I could name countless others who have almost touched greatness, but not quite made it into the nations hearts, but I’m from round here so maybe I’m a little biased.

No hold on a moment, before I dismiss these guys they really are good. They describe themselves as being a "Leftfield pop band", if that is a reference to Mr Leftfield I am sorry but I cannot agree, entirely anyway. ‘New age indie’ might be a more accurate description, whatever that might mean? The use of ethnic and European percussion adds a spicy flavour and the programming of a Lo-Fi element will definitely keep audiences amused. And for Dad? Well this group maintain a driving melody keeping excellent songwriting company in a manner that screams ‘Pop’, but I’m not talking that of a manufactured variety, on this demo I can sense the makings of A-side after A-side and lyrics that are gritty that many will take solace in.

The group are playing a handful of dates in the Leicester area soon, and will have their debut single released through ‘Serene Phonographics’ in April/May. Contact John Meridith for further details on 0116 224 9680.

Nick James

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