Spotlight issue 18

Backslap- Find Yourself (Camorra Records)

T: If this band wasn't influenced by Porno For Pyros in some respect, I'll listen to Celine Dion every day for a month.

N: Come on. This band's sound is awesome, be they influenced by Perry farrell, Bill Clinton's 'blow-job' or the Queen Mother. They scream quality. Yes ok, very generic, but with an attitude that reeks class. Come to think of it, just imagine in years to come when they note that as their initial driving force! "Going down, Sir?"

T: Excuse me? I don't remember criticising them in any shape or form! I liked Porno For Pyros, and I like these too. I shouldn't imagine it will take long for them to be snapped up by some self respecting record company (yes there ARE some around). 9/10



The G-Man - Grin Groove (Immedia)

Well, the G-man will be able to relate to us I'm sure, being a former music critic himself. This, apparently, is a new genre of house music called Grin Groove. It's political, sociable and two screws short of a toolbox.

T: "My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts" meets Baz Luhrmann and goes for a strawberry sandwich with the Art Of Noise. Food fight anyone?

N: I truly hope that Mr G-man is not passing burgers across a counter, answering phones, punching data or solving someone's technical problems. The composition of these numbers suggest that a higher calling is out there. Maybe a little over indulgent, but respect, the music here is complex.

T: Just a fantastic album really. 8/10

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