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The MOVE festival, Manchester, Day three
Saturday 13th July 2002

A new "Urban Music Festival" over the four days featured such legends as Bowie , Suede and errrrm Paul Weller. I opted for the mostly Mancunian line up of day three. Phew!

Alfie: A school orchestra aged 13 with Tim Burgess on vocals. Thats all you need to know.

Elbow: Wrong location for their lovely melancholly to unwrapp, but bloody good try lads.

Echo And The Bunnymen: Thankfully none of their new stuff...just a full on greatest hits set. Mac still lookin' cool and sounding ace. Aaah-to be 18 again.

Doves: This is "their year" and they rocked. No doldrums in sight, their confidence in front of a home town audience made their set a massive noise of gorgeous guitar rock(man). Finished with a Sub Sub track...all loops and staccato noise, and it saw Jimmi becoming a truely great frontman with bass like a gun between his legs. Awsome and beautiful.

New Order
: Last gig for a while (new album to be written) New Order had nothing to prove but played their hearts out. They are notoriously patchy live, but when they look like they're 'avin it , then they can get away with it. And how.
Opener " Love Vigilantes" saw Bernard playing the worst melodica solo of his life but no one cared...New Order were here and they were gonna make it all better. " Crystal" followed which is classic New Order to get us all sweating. Too many highpoints to mention so I wont. To spoil the fantastic set , Keith Allen came on and murdered "World In Motion" but all was redeemed as Blue Monday burst open our hearts, with Barny cheekily repaying Kylie by throwing in "Can't Get U Out Of My Head" samples in! Closed with "Your Silent Face" and a stunning "Love Will Tear Us Apart" and we were all happy. New Order, growing old, but more relevant than ever - we're gonna miss you.

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Echo and the Bunneymen

New Order

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