Interview: Dilated Peoples

We go networking with Dilated Peoples

Dilated Peoples are a return to the classic Hip-Hop format with their two emcees and one DJ. It started to take shape in 1992, eight years on they have an album (The Platform) and a major label deal. You have the emcee Evidence, a tag he developed to distinguish himself from other taggers. He is concerned with anger, levity and spontaneity. Iriscience is the other emcee; he made his way onto the hip-hop scene in 1994 via graffiti art. To him, each word is colour. Spinning the discs, you have DJ Babu, the centre of the group, providing the balanced platform for Evidence and Iriscience. With a love for EMPD, Run DMC, graffiti and turntablism to consider I spoke to Evidence about where they are at:

Evidence: "First of all, this is something that isn’t new. It consists of three individuals from different sides of town, from different upbringings, who come together on a certain platform to do what they do. Each one specialises in his own field of expertise."

What is ‘The Platform’?

"The Platform is the place we come together. We’re very different people, but it just so happens that we’ve found chemistry. When we stand on the Platform … it’s when that chemistry is being enforced."

What do you respect most about the art form of Hip-Hop?

"The freedom to do what I want to do. Being left with options is something that every human needs."

How do you keep the spontaneity aspect?

"The cool thing about the group is the balance. Iris is 27, I’m 23 and Babu is 25. So, that’s the perfect medium between us. He’s also our DJ. Iris is most for the emcee’g in the true definition … going to parties, rocking with the DJ, networking with people and being heard live. I’m definitely leaning towards the studio side of things. So, between those two extreme opposites we land in middle … and the middle is good music and a tight live show!"

The Platform, is their debut album and it is available now through Capitol Records.

Stuart Wright

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