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X2 (X-Men 2) - Dir: Bryan Singer - Cert: 12A

Before I start this review I recommend that any of you who haven’t seen X-Men go out and rent it or buy it on DVD (or VHS if you are still into the naff quality that video tape offers). This is because X2 continues directly where X-Men left off. From now on I will presume that any of you still reading have seen the first X-Men film.

Adaptations from comic books are very, very difficult. On the one hand there are the die-hard comic book fans (which I am) and on the other hand are the ordinary cinema-going public. Pleasing both groups whilst appearing not to sell-out or seem contrived is a very difficult task. This is even more difficult when X-Men is/was considered to be the best comic around.

Bryan Singer managed to do it with X-Men. The film was brilliant, enjoyable and maintained the essence, vibe and purpose of X-Men and also satisfied the critics. Most importantly though, it made money, lots and lots of money. So much so that Fox threw a big wad of cash at Singer and said “Go do it again and bigger and better”. Luckily the entire main cast were contracted for a 2 picture deal so Jackman, Berry, McKellan and Stewart were onboard before they became even bigger.

But this still didn’t guarantee the critical and commercial success of the film. Take Batman Forever and Batman and Robin… no, please take them, please. So you see my point.

Well fear not X2 is utterly fantastic. It not only appeased this X-fan but made me want more and more. Added to this movie is an even better cast and character list: Alan Cummins plays Nightcrawler; Brian Cox plays the chief villain, Stryker and there are some nice cameos, notably Colossus and the excellent Bruce Davison is back as Senator Kelly.

The story has the X-Men trying to save their teacher and father-figure, Prof X and teams up with Magneto and Mystique. I don’t really want to give too many details about the story as part of the beauty of the X-Men is watching the characters interact and deal with each other and their powerful ‘gifts’.

Go and see X2 at the cinema - NOW!. 9/10

Harry Lime

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