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The Hulk, Dir: Ang Lee - Cert: 12A

The Hulk is the latest addition to the marvel comics ‘cinema conversion’ trend. This attempt to capture the magic and spirit of the marvel stable is directed by Ang Lee, mostly known for Crouching Tiger (but also directed the excellent Eat Drink Man Woman and brilliant Ice Storm). This may sound like quite a promising mix for what essentially is a run-of-the-mill comic book, but I think the studio might have had other ideas.

With many of the big-budget, blockbuster comic book adaptations, a novel approach is needed to make the cinematic experience more than just a mundane conversion. The film must take on much of the directors’ own idiosyncrasies. The successful attempts such as Batman Returns and both X-Men films are a good comparison to the awful Spiderman, Daredevil and Batman & Robin.
Unfortunately much as I hate to say it, the Hulk falls into the latter category. The story of the film places a scientist Bruce Banner (Eric Bana) in the direct firing line of some deadly gamma rays. Strangely enough Brucey Bonus survives this by some alterations done by his father (played by Nick Nolte) to his physiology when Bruce was an infant.

The residual effect of the gamma rays means that when Bruce loses his temper he transforms into a huge green beast that likes to smash stuff. (Basically it seems that gamma rays have the same effect as losing car keys or watching Big Brother).
Yet underneath that muscle-bound CGI exterior Bruce is still able to choose between what he wants to break and what he doesn’t. He rightly chooses to protect his sort-of ex-girlfriend, the absolutely gorgeous Jennifer Connolly but through various wranglings with her father, known as General Moustache (played by Sam Shepherd) and young money-obsessed entrepreneur played by Josh Lucas, he becomes a menace to society, (don’t they all).

Half way through the film Nick Nolte also becomes a super-powered person but due to a script error doesn’t actually get a name, so I will call him “I Can Do Anything Type Person and Am Really Powerful, Look! I Can Become Part Of The Floor, Man”. I have heard rumours from Hollywood that this is in fact a close approximation to his name but the original name was longer.
Anyway for some reason Nick Nolte wants to rule the world, break things and put the General’s Moustache seriously out of shape (where’s a Remington when you need one) not to mention do some weird performing-arts acting with Bruce in front of two bits of metal (Yes, it is that bad!).

I won’t bother you with the climatic ending and tank-swinging, dog-bashing special effects that happen in between, as you’ve probably seen them on the trailer. Suffice to say that the plot, the script and the acting all score very bad and it seems like the actors in almost every scene are acting in a different film to one another. Or is that wishful thinking on their part?
If you enjoyed Spiderman, Beetroot, Anchovies, Master Of Disguise and Batman Forever you will enjoy this.

2/10 (and that’s for Jennifer Connolly & Cara Buono)

So with that view, why not take a look a look at the interview footage we have available with the Hulk himself (or to be more precise, actor Eric Bana) and see if he can explain himself.


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