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Terminator 3, Rise of the Machines, Dir: Jonathon Mostow - Cert: 12A

Terminator 3 starts with a bang, a very large nuclear bang… and goes down hill like the temperatures of a nuclear winter.

Set 10 years after the events of T2, John Connor (Nick Stahl) is living “Off Grid” which basically equates to drifting from A to B without any trappings of the modern life. No bank account, no mobile phone, no permanent residence – a hippy with weapons skills no less, who is trying to ignore his own past and feared future. This nomadic lifestyle is brought to an abrupt end by an encounter with Bambi, OK so perhaps not THE Bambi but certainly a close relative, the need for medication without questions and the arrival of a T-X Terminator (Kristanna Loken) with a hit list of twenty-something’s.

Four deaths and fifteen minutes into the film, the Austrian Oak makes his first appearance and the first incongruity appears – a Terminator with “Love Handles”? Following a humorous interlude where he gets clothed & acquires a vehicle, the mayhem continues to unfold with the typical Terminator franchise mannerisms, i.e. guns, cars, explosions, guns, weak humour and did I mention guns?

This then is the routine for the remaining 70 odd minutes, albeit with the odd pause for breath. If you have seen either, or even both, of the previous films there will be nothing new here. OK, so the effects are way improved from the first film and even slightly better than the second, however the plot is basically the same and it is starting to wear so thin with age that the holes are gaping like those in a moth eaten jumper. At 45 minutes shorter than 'The Hulk' with which it is vying to be one of the summer’s action blockbusters, T3 seems so much longer.

Perhaps there is a Hollywood Rule of Thirds to explain it? Jurassic Park 3, Alien 3 and now Terminator 3, good, even unique, original ideas done to death. Here’s hoping that Matrix 3 and X-Men 3 don’t follow T3’s lead. 3/10.

K Soze

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