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Taxi, Dir; Tim Story, Cert; tba

Described as having achieved the impossible, being even more unlikely than the film on which it has been based, that of Luc Beeson's original screenplay and 1998's film by the same name. Alright I'll come clean from the off and admit that although familiar in passing, I have never seen this earlier production so cannot make any comparisons, but in brief, having sat through 97 minutes of this film my judgement would be and stands that of blaxplotation meets Police Academy.

An unlikely Cop (played by Jimmy Fallon) through a comedy of errors pairs up with a New York cabbie 'Belle' (Queen Latifah) and find themselves on a mission to foil the plans of a group of 'models' committing grand larceny at large well to do banks throughout the city of New York. Unlikely, well you could say that, but so was 'Police Academy' and if I remember correctly that too had a shy proportion of 'eye candy' with which to distract an audience, well this has bucket loads. It's not necessarily that it needs it, as what with fast cars, chases and a modified 'yellow cab', this film does have a content that might keep an audience nailed to their couch for 10 of those minutes, before the fridge beckons, but in all honesty with those lost minutes taken into account an audience is not going to miss much (of the plot or otherwise).

Apart from Queen Latifah's over blown contribution to the film, with her larger than life portrayal of the taxi driver with attitude and Jimmy Fallon's role as the inept, but loveable goof-ball, the best I could say of the rest might be "...don't bother coming back tomorrow". Jennifer Esposito played the role of Lt. Marta Robbins with as much conviction as a cardboard tray holding wet food and with her apparent experience in TV all I can assume is that she's not quite ready for starring in a movie, even of this nature. Another 'face' I was familiar with was that of Henry Simmons (he of late-series NYPD Blue fame), the on-screen boyfriend of 'Belle' and although familiar in attitude to his NYPD Blue casting, was a little stiff.

In essence this film was either a parody of genre's that weren't really that good to start with, or just a dreadful mash of cops, cars and girls. Entertaining, but I'd not hurry back and perhaps a late night TV slot might be a more comfortable positioning. 6/10

Nick James

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