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Spiderman 2, Dir; Sam Raimi Cert; PG

Set two years after the first movie the opening titles re-cap the previous story in a classic Marvel Comics style, with Kirsten Dunsts' Mary Jane Watson being the only character shown in photograph.

Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) is struggling with his double life of student and superhero, whilst still carrying a torch for MJ who is now a successful Broadway actress. With friendships creaking, debts mounting and studies failing, Parker casts aside his alter ego following a couple of disasterous web-slinging attempts to concentrate on his studies with a paper about Dr Otto Octavius. Octavius (Alfred Molina) is employed by Oscorp to develop a viable fusion reactor, the first public demostration of which goes wrong, fusing Octavius to his robotic arms and placing him under the control of their AI algorithms to become the evil Doctor Octopus. Molinas performance is a powerful one, showing as it does a naturally good man fighting a losing battle against the evil Ai presence in his mind.

Driven to rebuild the failed experiment to prove his genius, 'Doc Oc' strikes a deal with Harry Osborne to exchange the required special alloy for Spiderman, so avenging the death of Osborne Snr (aka The Green Goblin) in the first movie, resulting in some stunning action sequences.

The film manages to explore the emotional turmoil of two characters suffering from split personalities (Parker/Spiderman and Octavius/'Doc Oc'), along with the strains placed on friendships and relationships of those who don't know.

Beautifully shot on location in New York, the live action and CGI blend together seamlessly whilst the humour is in parts slapstick, subtle and even referential to the directors previous work. Director Sam Raimi has improved on the original, to produce a better movie with a well balanced mix of humour, pathos, drama and action, along with a twist or two to the plot.

Well paced throughout this 2hr film seems to flyby and any film striving to be the summer blockbuster will have its work cut out to beat Spiderman.

- and very nearly the perfect 10!

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