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Signs - Dir: Manoj Shyamalan

is the latest film from the director of the Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. Like these previous films Signs continues the tradition of nothing actually happening for one and a half hours whilst various musical queues and pseudo Hitchcockian camera work lulls the compliant viewer to misinterpret this as story telling and suspense.

The story concerns itself with the Father Graham Hess (Mel Gibson) and his family during some sort of minimalist alien invasion. Now I understand the need for the suspension of disbelief but this film is just ridiculous: The aliens that are invading our lovely little planet are obviously very advanced technologically, having been able to construct a fleet of ships to travel interstellar distances and able to cloak themselves, but they are dumb enough to attempt to invade a planet that is 70% water, whilst they themselves are vulnerable to the merest contact with water. Not only that but they seem to have a problem with doors, in particular a pantry door.

The script is by far the worst out the three blockbuster films the director has done. The lines are rudimentary and seem to assist the film in crawling through its narrative at its self-imposed constipated rated. If one was so inclined the film could be seen a parable for faith / belief and the loss / (re)gaining thereof. But such a shallow analysis of the story and structure would be inappropriate. Signs is pretentious cinema / film for stupid people. The single bright spot was the excellent music score by James Newton Howard. 2/10

Harry Lime



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