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How to lose a guy in 10 days - Dir: Donald Petrie - Cert: 12a

The premise of this chick-flick is essentially simple: Kate Hudson (Goldie Hawn’s daughter) and Cosmo-esque journalist, must date advertising executive Matthew McConaughey for 10 days and when they are up he will be inclined to split up because that’s what the article (How to lose a guy in 10 days) she’s writing requires her to do. At the same time McConaughey has a hidden agenda, which is that he can make a girl fall in love with him in 10 days, this is in order to get a lucrative advertising contract. Not exactly deep interesting cinema by any stretch of the imagination and it says something of the way Hollywood executives perceive their young female audience.

Nevertheless if you leave all ideas of originality, style and thought at the door and want an evening of totally mindless mild amusement, or indeed if you are looking for a chick-flick, or you’re going to the cinema on a date then this might be for you.

McConaughey and Hudson are both moderately attractive, have unusually healthy tans for New Yorkers and seem to have some sort of chemistry, providing moments of light entertainment but ten minutes after leaving the cinema you will struggle to remember a single laugh out loud moment.

Not a bad film as such, because it doesn’t really aspire to be anything other than frothy and simple. If you are looking for a cinematic experience, look elsewhere but other than that it’s mildly enjoyable and instantly forgettable. You can even guess what happens at the end of the film before you walk in the cinema. 3/10

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