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Garfield, Dir; Peter Hewitt, Cert; PG

Director of both an episode of ‘Tales From The Crypt’,‘Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey’ and the co-writer of the story that brought 'Thunderbirds' to the big screen - ummm, Peter Hewitt tries his hand at that ever popular cartoon strip character, Garfield, ummm. Ok I’m 30-something, but whatever your age surely a script a little more involving than - cat hates dog, dog gets kidnapped, cat feels guilty, cat rescues dog, everyone lives happily ever after - umm, maybe not. But seriously if you’re going to tackle this and you are over the age of say, 6, then leave your brain at home, because although CGI offers Garfield a wonderfully colourful character, Bill Murray as the voice gives him personality.

The cast of Breckin Meyer, as Jon and Garfield’s owner (sorry, the person responsible for Garfield’s well being) and Jennifer Love-Hewitt as Liz (Garfield’s vet and Jon’s love interest), play roles befitting of their abbreviated names, thin at best. This was not at all challenging and less enjoyable than I had expected, I think the comment I heard one viewer make at the end of the film, was that “That was short, it seems barely five minutes since we came in!" And certainly if you were to digest this film as an appetiser, it would be the film you could see between meals, without filling you up.

Living myself in the company of a cat, there were moments that 'rang home', none more so than the scene where Garfield was sat operating the train network of wherever it was and I had visions of my cat strolling across my keyboard as I worked, but I had to sit through almost the whole movie before this moment strolled on past. We did however, have answered, whether it is dogs or cats who are the more intelligent - I am not offering any prizes for correct answers here, just to say - doah! Sorry I've got to come clean, this film was truly dreadful, Bill Murray was good, but I couldn't see him, anyway I'm off for a Curry, I somehow feel incredibly hungry. 3/10

Nick James

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