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Die Hard 4.0, Dir. Len Wiseman, Cert; 15

Die Hard 4.0, the fourth in this continuing series starring the New York cop who in any other world, would be collecting his pension and writing his glittering biography by this point. Not in this world, John McClain is instead still meeting the most unfortunate turns of luck. As you might expect a film with an even higher body count and hair on balls, lead role actor has now given up as lost, his follic challenge.

So with a plot that bathes in the prospect of a digital armagedon, prospects look bleak as the hackers run rings around the authorites. Now ordinarily at this stage it would be game over, for the good guys at least, but of course it would appear that the chief protagonist, far too concerned with being able to reassemble his 'Vic20' following its third mother board freeze somewhere in his past, has missed the earlier three Die Hard instalments & more importantly, one John McClain.

So with the scene set and the body count already losing perspective, McClain is now not only having to deal with a divorce in his past & an empty future to look forward to, but is now assigned to locating and babysitting a known hacker, Matt Farell (played by Justin Long). So with all this not making it any easier, saving the world as we know it soon becomes a challenge.

This is an adrenaline charged outing, where realities are stretched & laughs come in bucket loads. So having sat through 128 minutes, where at stages I was literally leaping out of my seat at the on screen action, to say this movie was worth every second spent in terms of scripting and action may be considered an understatement, but it all works. So will I put myself though it all again? You'd better believe it! 9/10

Nick James

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