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A Story Full Of Firsts:

Antwone Fisher, dir. Denzil Washington - Press Release

Antwone Fisher marks an industry and world first. It is the first film in cinema history to solely be released through one exclusive cinema chain. Fox has formed an alliance with the largest cinema chain in the UK, Odeon, to bring cinemagoers this story of courage, truth and love. Denzil Washington, who received an Oscar in 2002 for his role in the film 'Training Day', makes his directorial debut. This is not the only first however, with the film's co-star Derek Luke making his acting debut and Antwone Fisher himself, his writing debut. Luke says of the film, “When I finished reading the script I was in tears. My Heart was attached to this script.” Inspired by the true story of a young naval officer, Antwone Fisher, the film is deeply moving and will leave even the most cynical audience member with tears in their eye.

Antwone Fisher Synosis:

A Sailor with an explosive attitude, Fisher (Derek Luke), is ordered to see a naval psychiatrist (Denzel Washington) about his volatile temper. Little did he know that his first step into the doctor’s office would lead him on a journey home.

With the support of the psychiatrist, who becomes more like a father than anyone Fisher has ever known, and the woman (Joy Bryant) from whom he learns how to love, Fisher finds the courage to stop fighting and start healing. Only then can he call on the family he never knew and come to terms with the one he knew all too well.

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