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Along Came Polly, Dir; John Hamburg, Cert; 12A

Ok, so what did you expect? Let’s face it, this was never going to be a remarkable blend of intelligent dialogue, incredible character portrayals and clever plot twists now was it?

Taken for what it is – an inoffensive run of the mill romantic comedy with a few belly laughs – “Along Came Polly” is a fairly entertaining little film (if a little predictable).

I think it’s fair to say that Ben Stiller is pretty much the same here as he was in “Meet the Parents” or even his earlier role in “There’s Something About Mary” – a likeable imbecile, unlucky in love, who is prone to highlighting his buffoonery to the hilt at the most ill opportune moments.

His opposite number here, Jennifer Aniston, similarly just reprises (again) her role as Rachel from “Friends”. Still, I can think of several other actors who have carved a thirty year career out of continually seeming to play the same character, so I’m not going to berate anyone around here for a minor fact like that!

The main story revolves around the happily married couple of Reuben (Stiller) and Lisa Feffer (Debra Messing), which ultimately ends in disaster when the newlywed bride succumbs (on her honeymoon) to her carnal cravings with the naked French scuba diving instructor Claude (played wonderfully OTT by Hank Azaria).

The rest of the film concentrates on the relationship between Stiller and Aniston, and an obvious dilemma that will return to haunt our main protagonist later.

Anyway, as I said, it’s generally all harmless fun, though it has to be said that the vast majority of the movie’s highlights are brought to us courtesy of the ever watchable Philip Seymour Hoffman, as Reuben’s best friend Sandy Lyle ( I kid you not!).

So, in summation, this is hardly destined to be remembered as a work of art, and it DOES get much too schmaltzy and sappy towards the end for my liking, but overall, if your expectations aren’t too high to begin with, it’s a film that’s easy enough to enjoy. 7/10

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