Album Reviews: May 2008


The Gresham Flyers - Sex With Strangers (Cherryade) 26/05/2008

T: There's definitely a Weddoes influence here, perhaps with Gedge fronting Magazine. Occasionally the quirkiness is reminiscent of the B-52's and sometimes The Housemartins leap out at you, but it's a toe-tapper of an album anyway.

N: This album's frankness is not just apparent in the music, but visually, the band have adopted some hilarious cartoons on the artwork, so in short, the album will not just have your feet tapping, but your belly aching as you discover inner pleasures of a visual variety. Certainly fresh in its outlook.

T: That reminds me, you've still not returned those videos.

N: They were mine in the first place! 7/10

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Elle Milano - Acres Of Dead Space Cadets (Brighton Electric) 14/04/2008

N: It was, of course, yourself who introduced us to the band, and I would even go so far as saying that it was yourself who played a part in introducing a wider audience to them, having made moves to introduce one Steve Lamacq to the band's sound. Was it the right thing to do?

T: Hell yes, but even I couldn't have envisaged the thing of such grandiose beauty that would become "Acres Of Dead Space Cadets". It's an astounding album, starting with "Laughing All The Way To Plank", which is reminiscent of "The Great Escape" era Blur but twice as beefed up. "Meanwhile In Hollywood" was the perfect choice for single, being a triumphantly rousing singalong anthem which is impossible not to love. The whole album is just an onslaught of one utterly fantastic track after another. "Stepkids In Love" sounds bizarrely like a Bavarian folk dance when it begins, but turns into a total headfuck of mammoth proportions, beautifully arranged and with another thumping chorus, before the utterly devastating "Carousels" - possibly the finest thing I've ever heard by them - creates a stark contrast between the uproariously in your face bulk of the matter. I'm not sure if it's MEANT to be a heartbreaking song or not, but it sure comes across that way. Then later, on "Wonderfully Wonderful (All The Time)", Adam and co go all Carter on us, harkening back to the days of "Bloodsport For All", and finishing off with Chloe speaking her sultry tones whilst Adam sings a slightly off kilter melody during "This Is How It Ends". I never realised quite what a sexy voice the girl had before hearing this track. And James just brings the whole thing together with his well chosen beats and thoughtful presentation. "Acres Of Dead Space Cadets" is, quite frankly, an absolutely glorious offering, and to think I was a bit concerned that none of the tracks I'd formerly known and loved made it onto the album (though "Private Thoughts" has now become "The Nightclub Is Over" and sounds twice as effective. Do you agree with my over the top ramblings Nick, or should I be sedated?

N: Too right. Their sound is mature and innovative in that they have obviously taken influence from what I hear as a wide range of artists, making the sound their own with a collection of educated and entertaining lyrics. Time will tell if this group are more than a flash in the pan; I sincerely hope they'll stay the distance, because what I'm hearing from this debut album encourages me. It's almost like watching the kids growing into their skin, and are now ready to take on the world. 10/10

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