Album Reviews: April 2007


Thirteen Senses - Contact (Vertigo) 02/04/2007

T: The melodramatic title track opens this album and there seems to be a running theme from this point, where promising sounding tracks full of bravado suddenly break down to disappointingly tame basic mellow pop songs. The band are obviously quite fond of ballads, and when they start sounding like Foreigner it's a cause concern, but you can't really knock them TOO much because they're good at what they do. The only time I'd ever put this on is if I was lying bored on a settee, or perhaps on a long car journey after the missus has complained about the loud music once too often.

N: A wonderfully rich album filled with eleven positive numbers. Well written songs, but in the form of solid songwriting rather than a superficial one, but Foreigner?!!! Really! Track 6 was Chris De Burgh for me. Yes, slow, maybe even dirgy, but listen to this with time on your side and I think the listener will gain the most from this album. No outstanding moments, just a constant, but is that a bad thing? 6/10

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